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  1. I draw my little ponies in my spare time, because they’re cute and it pretty much gives me a template and some mental exercise trying to figure out how to arrange their fucking insane manes. (PS, they’re all alicorns so I can arrange everything juuuuuust right).
  2. I watched a movie called “The Hole” yesterday, and even though I predicted half the things that were gonna happen (the other half were dead wrong), I thought the characters were stupid fucks who probably should’ve died. (I’m very critical of character decisions in media).
  3. I want to learn how to animate things beyond simple floating. (with sound included!)
  4. I have noticed that I do background thinking, which is basically where I’m not voicing a thought in my mind, but I’m still thinking about it while thinking about something else. (it’s pretty weird when I do notice this; I could never skim read, I get too much enjoyment out of voicing things in my head).
  5. I keep forgetting to buy paint whenever I go to Walmart. I literally went two days ago just and stared at the paint for a while because I thought I needed to do something in the crafts aisle, but couldn’t remember. I only recalled what it was I wanted to do when the store closed twenty minutes later. (sigh.)

gotta wonder where you’d find the stats of tumblr, like the user with the most followers, most posts, most actively posting user, the most successful sideblog in regards to follower/staff ratio, most saved drafts, most blogs followed, most “liked ___ posts”, most frequently followed/unfollowed, etc.

I’m curious if the amount of posts I have is a bit much for my blog age or comparatively little.




have you ever had a dream that was so vivid it stuck with you in the back of your mind for years?







i have so many questions

this is another one of those posts where you just sit back and open tag viewer

you ever notice that when someone says something like “well, one good thing came out of this situation” they mean a resulting consequence

but when people say “it came out of this world” they mean something outside of our understanding (an act of god, if you will)

Anyone else having issues with the audio player? I’m getting nothing.

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just throwing this out there

you ever notice that when shining armor is is under chrysalis’ spell that only the lower half of his iris is green? have you ever noticed that chrysalis’ eyes are the same, but all the other changelings we see have entirely blue eyes? possibility that if they do have a hive mind it affects her outright, or just signifying it’s her spell he’s under? or even that he magic is active on me, or that it takes conscious effort to look as good as she does?

songs about time travel?
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new theory about celestia and luna and all that jazz

Celestia is considered the princess of the sun, and Luna the princess of the moon, no? it’s said that they’re thousands of years old, and they’re shown kinda drastically changing (the murals depict Celestia with a completely pink mane, for instance, rather than one she has now, and also Luna between seasons).

What if the whole princess business is like the James Bond role of Equestria, where different ponies can ascend and become the new princess when the previous dies? And because magic, they can gain the memories of the other incarnations the longer they hold the station?

Eventually Cadance will die, as will Twilight, but their newly created (relatively speaking) roles as princess of love and princess of magic will still exist, and will need to be fulfilled because, again, magic.

I’m sorry, but tumblr seems to have eaten whatever message someone sent me. I get the notification, but nothing’s there.

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who wants to see a fic I find out I wrote in eighth grade?

my sense of humor is apparently the same because I still laughed at it

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tattoo idea where you get a (white ink) tat of an animal (silhouette or not up to you), but UV ink (not glow-in-the-dark, actual UV-activated ink) to make a patronus, holla

does anyone else practice emotions when mouthing along with their music

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Name: Tianna
Gender: Cis female


Food: Tuna sandwiches!
Drink: Juice (just juice, I don’t fucking care what kind, I probably like it)
Book: Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban (for the longest time it was Where The Red Fern Grows)
Song: Ahhhhhhh everything

TV Show: Supernatural and all it’s problems
Band: Florence + The Machine probably
Solo Artist: Ellie Goulding

School Subject: Out of school at the moment
Sport: I think I’m good at soccer and beating a tennis ball, that’s about the only sports I can claim to like
Actress: Jane Lynch I think


Best Friend: all the people I talk to for a significant length of time I consider a friend
Significant Other: *laughter*
Siblings: Two sisters, three brothers
Dream Job: Organizing things (I’m not entirely creative)
Tattoos: none
Piercings: ears
Languages: English (I wish it was more)


Reason Behind URL: can you change your reasoning over time because “werewolfin’ out” sounds cooler than “I was being passive aggressive against someone not even on this site”
Reason Behind Icon: Casgirl
Why You Joined:
idk probably something about Glee when I was actually excited about it
First URL: still using it, baby (it’s werewolfin)
# of Blogs: 
53 at last count too many

Top photo from Google.

My photo:


This is the Hyles lineata, and I found out about it completely on accident, considering I searched for what this fucking moth was for about a month before giving up on getting results anywhere. Thanks, Cracked.