what does the fox say? idk, how would you write it as onomatopoeia? (x)

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This is the Hyles lineata, and I found out about it completely on accident, considering I searched for what this fucking moth was for about a month before giving up on getting results anywhere. Thanks, Cracked.

SLYTHERINS: So Shady, Lately | If you stay alive for no other reason, do it for spite. — Maria Bamford.

01. Adam Lambert - Master Plan
02. Dave Gahan - Use You
03. Fergie - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
04. Sara Bareilles - Vegas
05. First Aid Kit - Wolf
06. Adam Lambert - Shady
 IAMX - Lulled By Numbers
08. Emilíana Torrini - Gun
09. Redlight King - Redemption
10. Maaya Sakamoto - Gravity

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RAVENCLAWS: Best Believe Me | Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. — Steve Jobs.

01. Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird American Mouth
02. Steve Conte - Stray
03. Wolf Parade - Ghost Pressure
04. Morning Parade - A&E
05. The Pierces - Kill! Kill! Kill!
06. Imogen Heap - The Moment I Said It
 The Pierces - Sticks And Stones
08. MS MR - Bones
09. Anberlin - Impossible
10. Niki & The Dove - The Fox

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HUFFLEPUFFS: I Will Not Be Denied | The only time you should look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. — Louis C. K.

01. Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf
02. Neon Trees - Animal
03. The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go
04. KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See
05. The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
06. Joss Stone - Sleep Like A Child
 BarlowGirl - Million Voices
08. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
09. BarlowGirl - Love Is Marching
10. Raj Ramayya - Strangers

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GRYFFINDORS: There Is No Escape | Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die. — Gilbert K. Chesterton.

01. Psychostick - We Ran out Of CD Space
02. Steve Conte - Heaven’s Not Enough
03. Fall Out Boy - Alone Together
04. A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover
05. Within Temptation - Angels
06. Within Temptation - It’s The Fear
 Everything About You
08. Fall Out Boy - Alone Together
09. A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover
10. Within Temptation - Angels

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Have an angel cursor!

First I wanted to make a snow angel cursor, but I liked how the angel with one pair of wings turned out, so I did an angel with two and three pairs of wings! Feel free to use them! c:

It’s a black silhouette with a thing white outline, so no matter what background you have, the cursor image should stand out!

got bored, sketched a stretching kitty while knowing next to nothing about cat anatomy. it was supposed to be one of my adopted adoptables on devArt, which is why there are markings, you know, marked out.

perspective is new, feel free to streamline for fun or w/e. I hate drawing paws, least favourite thing about drawing animals. they always looks funky to me.

what do I mean another challenge?

I wanted to make myself, but I also wanted to challenge my skills, so I filled up all the things.

So, my dear reader, I challenge thee to fill in all available fields, then draw them in a coloured sketch!

I’ve taken to drawing ponies when bored. There might be a little more study in feathers and wing folding in this for the hell of it, but whatever. Don’t judge.

Say hello to a quickly sketched adolescent alicorn Harry Potter, just ‘cause.

I asked last month if I should do Harry Potter characters in My Little Pony style, including a chart of the various characters.

I went ahead and did it (and the chart’s still under construction), even though no one replied.

I really can’t draw this style. I’ll keep doing it.

There’s a lot of headcanon involved with it in order to make the universes fit (one of them, as you can see, is that some ponies fur, most especially lighter ones like Lily and Harry’s, can be born dark but will lighten as they get older). Harry is a naturally born alicorn, and Voldemort was a unicorn before he did some rituals to extend his life or w/e (haven’t nailed it down yet). Neville is also a unicorn born to unicorn parents, which really convolutes the meaning behind Voldemort choosing Harry as the Boy(Colt?)-Who-Lived.

Harry’s cutie mark is three clovers in radial order with three six-pointed black stars between them and a single six-pointed star in the direct middle. There’s some interesting symbolism with the stars (like here, and here). Four-leaf clovers, as always, represent good luck. I figure Harry would get the clover marks as early as first year after he woke up in the hospital wing when he realizes just how lucky he is to have not died. The stars, however, came after he died the first time. Of course, that would be when he proved his mastery of the deathly hallows, having used or become the master of all three at that point, so the two markings combined would resemble the symbol of the deathly hallows (something I only just noticed).

When he was born, his eyes were well on their way to green, explaining my colouring of his eyes as slightly bluer. He really does have his mother’s eyes. I couldn’t fit glasses in there just right so I just forewent them altogether. I’m thinking of just saying fuck it and just not putting them in pics, just in any fics I write.

James’ cutie mark is a shield because duh, auror? I figure he got his later in life, maybe after saving his first person as an auror or something, it’s not really clear to me. Lily’s is a puzzle piece because, while she was logical, she was also passionate and an enigma (insert assload of reasons b/c of this sentence). It was also the one cutie mark in the generator (located here) that had a remote inclination to her in any way, I felt.

Now, I can go on and on about this world, so just ask me if you want any of my other headcanons!

I’m trying to adopt the little green unicorn, but I am proud of how the pegasus’ mane turned out. [/pony anatomy fail]

Obligatory fic under cut, please and thank you!

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What if murder/killing was legal in the wizarding world?

Can you imagine Harry being told his parents were betrayed by a dear friend (at the time everyone would think it was Sirius Black, which makes it seem even worse) at age eleven, then killed? And for some reason Hagrid seems more offended by them being betrayed than them being killed?

I mean, the wizarding world doesn’t strike me as very intelligent, so you can imagine that, since it was a war they were all fighting in, the Ministry rules that there is no murder (which is killing in cold blood, basically because you just want to), just killing (which is essentially everything else), especially if it’s people specifically trained to deal with it? (what with canon being James was an Auror and fanon with Lily being a researcher for the Unspeakables).

If you can have one law apply for the Death Eaters, you have to be able to apply it to more than just them (because half will bribe their way out and hey, loop holes, be able to prosecute any and everyone at the drop of a hat). Otherwise, someone *coughpurebloodscough* can sue the Ministry for murder in war time, and the politicians wouldn’t want that at all. In peacetime it would be different of course, everything is murder unless it’s obvious it’s defense of yourself or others.

Just imagine what they’d try to slap Harry with before the war with those rules.

Want some fandom scarves? 2.0

I made some more using official posters, just resized to fit. Under the cut, please.

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Sandy can’t speak. Not because he doesn’t want to (most things would be a lot more convenient if he could), but because he physically cannot. that’s a doozy of a sentence.

What are dreams, metaphorically speaking? An image dear to your heart, one that makes you feel good, gives you something to strive for. A feeling that you should be doing something else, but you don’t quite know what it is, so you search for it. Something you can’t word properly, it just is.

As a Guardian of Dreams, Sandy can’t possibly speak, because to do so would go against everything he is and stands for.